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Engine Treatments that Reduce Friction,
Reduce Emissions and save you money

  • Save gas and money NOW by Reducing Friction
  • Reduce emissions by 10-15% immediately
  • Fuel Treatment Quiets Engines, Reduces Friction
  • Increase Marine and Aircraft Engine Life
  • Diesel Engine Treatment Saves Fuels
  • Increase Gun and Bow Accuracy

Microlon Products are proven to save money on gas and to make engines run smoother and quieter by reducing friction and increasing efficiency. Microlon friction reducing engine treatments are time tested, money saving products that after one treatment will dramatically increase performance, and save fuel in all engine types; Gas, Diesel, Bio Diesel and the new E85 fuel. From automotive additives to aircraft engine treatments and marine engine fuel savings, Microlon friction reducing products provide the utmost in engine protection and increased engine life.

Find out how Microlon Products can help you and your company save money and increase the engine life of your personal vehicle, fleet vehicles and equipment. Click on the links to the left for more information.   

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Save On Gas

It comes as no surprise that everyone is feeling the pinch at the gas pump. With gas prices reaching $4.00 per gallon, people need to start looking for ways to reduce their out of pocket expense at the pump.

SAVING GAS seems to be what the main topic of the day.

The US Department of Energy has found that only 15 percent of the energy in gas is actually used to power our vehicle. Majority of the remainder of energy is expended by the engine and drive train’s moving parts. Easy translation 85% of your vehicle’s power is lost due to friction and friction alone.
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Automotive Treatment Kits

We offer Treatment Kits that have been created to give optimum results for specific types of engines. Each Kit also contains Microlon’s Fuel System Treatment which contains the highest quality cleaning agents, corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants. These ingredients combine to prepare the pore structure to receive the Microlon Engine Treatment and provide lasting protection. Our Engine Treatment significantly reduces the harmful effects of friction by coating internal engine parts with a durable micro-thin dry film lubricant coating. Unlike our competitors, Microlon treats engine metal, not the oil! These Treatment Kits save you money by reducing fuel consumption, decreasing maintenance costs and extending the life of your engine. You will also notice smoother operation and improved performance with increased horsepower and torque. Noxious emissions from a treated engine will also be reduced.  IMore on Automotive Treatment Kits

Diesel Engine Treatment Kits

Microlon Products has a special formulation for the heavy- duty requirements of diesel engines. Most diesel engines are under tremendous loads. This requires extra protection from the damaging effects of friction. The increased torque (pulling power) and potential fuel savings are the primary reasons the Microlon Diesel formulation is so highly regarded by commercial truck operators who use it. Experience also tells us that treated diesel engines require maintenance less frequently and have a longer service life. To those who make their living with their diesel rigs, it means lower operating costs and higher profits.
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Marine Engine Treatment Kits

Marine engines are under 100% load 90% of the time because they are required to push so hard against the resistance of water. Compare this to car engines, which are typically at 100% load only 10% of the time. Therefore marine engines are under far more stress and far more subject to wear. This makes it very important to treat with Microlon if you want to maximize engine life. Because marine engines work so hard, they also consume much more fuel. Significant fuel consumption savings of up to10% are typically reported after the Microlon treatment. The Microlon film also protects against harmful corrosion, rust and scale so commonly experienced in the marine environment. Every marine engine needs a one time Microlon treatment.
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Motorcycle Engine Treatment Kits

Modern motorcycle engines are high compression; high performance engines that operate at high engine revolutions and generate a lot of heat. This increases the potential for damage and performance loss due to friction. Microlon has a formulation for these engines that boosts performance and helps them last longer. Every motorcycle engine can benefit greatly from a one-time Microlon treatment.
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